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Why You Need to Leave Guilt at the Door and Embrace Self-care

Learn to love, nourish and respect yourself with these 5 smart habits

HOSTED BY: Naomi Judge, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Brenda Janschek, Health Coach

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3rd December 2017


8.30pm Sunday


7.30pm Sunday


5.30pm Sunday

New York

5.30am Sunday


10.30am Sunday

Are you a working parent who juggles work and family life and you’re struggling to effectively manage the limited time you have?

Are you stressed, tired and have little or no time for self-care? Even if you do find time to look after yourself, do you feel guilty because you should be working longer hours, spending more time with the family, contributing more to the community, volunteering, cooking and cleaning?( Isn’t self-care an indulgence anyway?).

Join us live for this workshop on 3rd December.

Have you noticed how not taking care of yourself has a negative impact on many areas of your life including your physical and mental wellbeing, your interactions and relationship with your children, family and friends, as well as your work performance?

If you answered ‘YES!’, then you’re not alone.

Join us live for this workshop where we will explore:


Where this guilt comes from and why we feel it


How lack of self-care creates stress and some serious health issues you shouldn’t ignore


How you can get clear on a specific, urgent WHY

your sense of purpose, your capacity to fulfill your mission and do what brings you joy


The telltale signs of stress

(it’s not necessarily what you may think!)


5 easy ways to create sustainability and resilience

in your life so you don’t become ill and burn out


Plus time for live Q & A with Brenda and Naomi

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