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Who is looking after you?
(No, really, who is looking after you?)
This is something we ask mums all the time. We get it, we really do.
We know that so many years are spent focusing on our children – running around after them and nurturing them 24/7. Let alone when they are older, and always having to check they have their school bag packed/have found their shoes/packed their lunch…ah, you know the drill all too well!
So, where do you fit into all this?
While you’re at the heart of your household, chances are that your own me-time is pretty thin on the ground. In fact, it’s probably flatlined all together.

And yet you are awesome because you keep on getting up, showing up, and being everything to everyone.

But maybe your body has started to protest just a little – or a lot. You may have aches and pains springing up, or perhaps you just feel a little….bleurgh.

We hear you. It takes a village…
You know the power of a good community when it comes to raising your kids? Yep, the same applies to you – and the support you deserve to have.

But before we go there, take a quick look at the below to see if what we’re about to share will resonate.

Okay, ready?
If you can say ‘yes’ to more than one of the below, then you’re in for a treat when we share some good news in just a moment.

Has sugar has become your secret (and slightly narcissistic) lover? It gives you energy sure, but then dumps you without warning…


Is coffee your controlling best friend? The first thing you think about every.single.morning?


Do you sneak a look at your belly before you go to bed and think just how hot you would look – if only you were 5-months pregnant?!


Do you feel a bit…well…flat? Or just a bit ‘meh’ about life some days?


Do you have meltdowns where you fly off the handle because it feels so good? Even though you regret it a nanosecond later?


Does the idea of having a stimulating conversation with your partner or friend in the evening sound a little like Chinese water torture? (What part of tired and wrung out do they not understand?!! Now, where is the remote…?)


When the alarm goes off (or a small foot is flung in your face), do you wish a magic fairy would say, ‘Guess what? There is nothing to do except lie in bed and binge-watch Netflix ALL DAY!’ ….Then you realise you are delusional and get up; ready to switch into ‘automatic pilot’ mode for the day ahead. Again. Groundhog Day, anyone?


Do you step on the scales and secretly test the little dial buttony thingy to check it’s not broken? (Surely the scales are broken?!)

Can you see yourself in some points on the above list?
Yep, we thought so. And we’re not saying that because we’re smug – because that would plain annoying of us. We’re saying it because we care about you.
…Hold on, who is this ‘we’?
‘We’ is first and foremost a community of awesome mums who share their bad days online, and also their good days too. This is the good news bit we spoke about a moment ago.
We are the sticky glue that helps to hold this awesome community accountable to their goals. We make sure you are looking after you ­– and that our community is your biggest cheerleader.
(And not in a ‘rah-rah, high kicks and white teeth’ kind of way. Urgh. More in a ‘yay, the kids are in freaking bed so I’ll just duck online to check in with my likeminded tribe kind of way.)
More on us – the sticky glue part…
Brenda Janschek
Hi, I’m Brenda Janschek, I’m a mum of two rapidly growing kids, and as a Health Coach I’ve helped thousands of mums reclaim their health and empower their kids (and sometimes husbands!) to do the same. I also blog about all things wellness and I’ve managed to bring together an ever – growing collective of women striving to be the best mums we can be, despite the crazy demands the modern world puts on us!
Naomi Judge
Hi, I’m Naomi Judge, a certified Naturopath with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science. I’m also a Nutritionist, blogger and speaker with my own Sydney-based business. I help women reach their optimal health by helping them discover the connection between their health, happiness and hormones. I help women who are frustrated, fed up and struggling with stubborn weight and unresolved health issues.
$27/month or $257/year (saving you $67)
Before we go on, do you want to know a secret?
Here ‘tis. Your body is always ahead of the game – predicting, planning and alerting you to what may be ahead if you continue on the same path.
That twinge in your neck? It’s your body’s way of sending you a big message – because it’s feeling a little ignored frankly.

We know you already know this on some logical level, but do you really take this knowledge on board? Here’s what your body may be saying to you…

Scenario #1: “Hi myself. I’m sending you an almighty freaking large mood swing, because you have failed to feed me properly today. And here’s a headache while I’m at it, because I have sat at this desk all hunched over for far too long lady!!”
Or how about this…
Scenario #2: “Okay me, here’s the thing. You know your jeans? They don’t fit. So stop doing the horizontal wriggly thing to get that top button done up. Just take me for a walk, enough already. Your mind and I have been talking about this A LOT…we’re going to have to grow your spare tyre if you don’t listen, and you know this isn’t good for your heart health.”
Scenario #3: “Surprise! It’s 3pm! We’re going to inject a little sleepy mumma into you, so you feel rid-ic-uh-lous-ly tired and want a nap more than anything else in the whole world RIGHT NOW. Consider this the consequence of not feeding me properly today…”
As self sabotaging as these scenarios may be, they are actually a gift from your body.
Say What?
Your body is sending you these signs as it really wants to help you. But sometimes our body is about as effective as getting our attention as putting eye bag cream on an elephant.

After all, that twinge in our neck is super low on the list of priorities when breakfast, lunch, and dinner need to be made pronto. And the kids can’t just click their fingers and teleport themselves to school, lessons, training and weekend sports. (If only…)

….And then there are the stack of bills, which don’t magically get paid by a money tree…

So let’s recap on that neck pain in light of all that stress. Yep, you guessed it. Neck schmeck….

But here’s the thing. While your body is giving you these polite-ish warning signs right now, it may start to get very demanding.
So – beat your body at its own game, and put yourself first. Before well…you physically can’t anymore.
This means a few things need to change. But it’s not scary, we promise.

It means…

Stepping out of your comfort zone.
Banishing that guilty voice inside that says you are letting everyone down if you put yourself at the top of your to-do list.
Consciously being an example to your children on how to be kind to yourself.
Find that hard? Remember…facts are friendly…
Because chances are…
Fact #1
You’ve forgotten exactly how amazing and strong you are.

Fact #2
You’ve not given yourself credit for the fact you have given birth, raised kids, created a safe and comforting home, and possibly maintained a job too! Kudos to you sister.

Fact #3
You’ve forgotten the power of some simple guidance to help you take control of your life and your health once again.

Fact #4
You have a mindset block that can be busted by us. Ka-pow! Down it goes. We have worked with thousands of women just like you, to help them break through their health barriers and mindset blocks.

Enter our program – and your new best friend…
Through our program you’ll discover how to:

Raise your energy levels and feel ah-maz-ing all day long


Balance your hormone levels, including your pesky thyroid


Improve your sleep, so that you feel super well-rested each day


Slow, stop, and even REVERSE aging


Increase your metabolism and fat burning while you sleep.


Discover the fitness formula that is easy-peasy AND will keep your body lean, strong and sexy.

$27/month or $257/year (saving you $67)
Mmmm…feeling a touch cynical?
That’s okay. We’re going to also guess that you’re feeling frustrated. Why? Because you’ve possibly tried all the different diets, detox plans, sugar-free, gluten-free, and fat-free options – but you can’t sustain them, or work them into your lifestyle.

It’s exhausting.  We’ve all been there.

The fact is, it’s just so hard to stick to a plan on your own. Did you know that lack of support, accountability, consistency and personalisation can be the number one reason why diets don’t work?

And let’s not call this a diet while we’re at it. You are SO much better than that.

Okay, preamble over. Let’s do this thing!
We hereby promise to be different.
In particular, we will…

Stand by your side for an entire year

bringing you back to your health goals whenever you wobble.

Bring you the best up-to-date information

from leading experts in the field of women’s health.

Show you how to implement what we teach.

Because, without implementation, more knowledge just adds to overwhelm and frustration. So let’s steer well clear of that outcome, agreed?
Remind me again, why trust this approach?
Let’s stick with the bullet point thing here, we get that you’re busy.
Together we bring you over 20 years of combined experience.
We have both built successful health businesses that help women online, and one-on-one.
Brenda is a mum of two kids, with her own health coaching and blogging business.
Naomi continues to research the most up to date science for her clients. She is a pathological researcher, just sayin’
Together we have combined all of our knowledge and experience into the Break Through! Membership program
This has been a labour of love for us. And we have packaged it up especially to help you. Why? Because mums shouldn’t have to settle with feeling overweight/meh/bleurgh and all sorts of shades in between. You’re worth so much more than this.
All of this means that you deserve to be put first.
So what exactly is the Break Through! Membership?
The short answer: It’s a 12-month membership program designed to transform your body from the inside out.

The long answer: The Break Through! Membership is a comprehensive holistic program that collates every single health and wellbeing tool you will need into one sacred spot; to help you live the best version of you possible. And all in the (little) time you have available as a mum.

In the membership you’ll find…

Live webinars as your home to discuss group insights and get personal answers


Expert panellists delivering the best relevant information


Practical and easy meal plans, with beautifully balanced recipes


Holistic information and advice broken into easy to digest bite-size chunks


Powerful on-the-spot tools to beat the habits that can sabotage your success


A long-term membership, so that you can spend time reflecting on what you’ve learned – and then put theory into practice


Specific topics and themes on which to focus, understand and implement


A weekly email*


And then there are so many specials and bonuses woven into along the way that you automatically get as part of your membership. You can thank us later 😉

* We hate email overwhelm too. But these are the kinds of emails that you will want to drop everything to read.
Bottom Line
Think of this program as your wellness best friend. The kind of friend who gives far more than they take, and is always there for you at the most random times of the day or night.
Now, a word on time…
We give you lots of it. This program is deliberately designed to run across 12 months, to give yourself the (rare) gift of time. That’s enough time to change your life. Imagine what all this time can give you.
This means enough time to…
Have life happen, make mistakes, experience setbacks – and get back up again
Address all the questions you may have (and then some…)
Work out all your own answers in your own precious time – with our supportive strategies holding your hand across 12 months
Learn how to manage things like cravings, nights out, holiday
Re-learn what fills you with ENERGY, gets you glowing, and feeling excited about life again
$27/month or $257/year (saving you $67!)

Still not sure? Okay, you’re playing hard to get but we get it.
To be honest, this may not even be right for you. It’s really important that you are the right fit for this course to get the most benefit. So… Let’s run a final ‘sense-check’, to see if this is right for you.
Ready? Okay, this membership is definitely right for you if you:



Are battling the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalances


Want more information, understanding, and self-control about your own mental and physical health


Want structure and accountability around making personal changes in your life


Want to have clear goals set on what your own optimal health looks and feels like


Prefer some digital hand-holding, tea-sipping, tissue-bearing support when it comes to integrating new ideas and habits into your life over the long-term


Are sick and tired of wasting money on things that don’t work – like, enough already, sick-of-it kind of tired.


Want to learn how to make better eating choice for YOUR body, no one knows this better than you


Want to create simple lifestyle habits that will elevate energy, drop those stubborn kilos, clear up your skin, eliminate bloat, sleep better, break old habits, improve gut health and digestion and so much more!


Want to be kept on track when you try to break those pesky old habits

What women are saying…


Founder of 'The Joyful Table'

I enjoyed the Break Through! membership private Facebook group and being in contact with others trying to follow the same path. I think this plan Brenda and Naomi Judge have designed is amazing and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I know that you both don’t know exactly what people are going through but I want you to know that  it was so nice to know I could go onto the private FB group and communicate with people who cared about my health. It meant a lot to me.


48 - Facial Therapist with Aesop

The duration of Break Through! Membership is great. The recipes are wonderful and have educated me along with all the information. It’s great having the private group to check in and share ideas and queries – the hormonal info has helped me a lot as I knew nothing about this prior to joining. Sharing questions and thoughts are very helpful and reassuring and helps us realise we are not alone on this journey. Brenda and Naomi your guidance and advice are invaluable.
Join Now for $27 per month or $257 for 12 months
Hold on – before you go
If you are the kind of personality that cares about modules, facts, content and structure, then we love organized people like you… You make the world go round! We have a whole heap of factual information and useful background on our modules.

However… if you are the kind of person who would rather sign up yesterday then read about modules…
A moment on modules…
‘Modules’. It sounds so fancy and formal doesn’t it?
But that’s just what we offer, because we LOVE the structure it brings to our brains (and yours). By compartmentalising the myriad of health and wellbeing issues we will cover over the next 12 months, you can dip in and out of each module whenever you want to.

Feeling low at 3am? There’s a module for that.


Want to stop siting on the sofa eating chocolate every night? Yep, a module for that too.


Want your kids to get ready quicker in the morning? ….Okay, who are we kidding? Let us know if you find THAT module.

In fact, we’ll list the modules right here to give you a taster:

MODULE 1: Heal Your Gut


MODULE 2: Nourish Your Thyroid


MODULE 3: Balance Your Blood Sugar


MODULE 4: Manage Your Stress


MODULE 5: Curb Your Cravings


MODULE 6: Beat Burn Out and Fight Fatigue


MODULE 7: Survive the Party Season


MODULE 8: Look Towards Longevity


MODULE 9: Cleanse for Life


MODULE 10: Manage Your Mindset


MODULE 11: Loving Your Libido

$27/month or $257/year (saving you $67!)
Answers to your questions
What qualifications do you have?
Glad you asked. With all the online programs out there, it’s important to make sure the people running these courses are qualified. This is very much a cowboy-free zone.

Naomi Judge is a certified naturopath and clinical nutritionist with a Bachelor in Health Science minoring in Endocrinology; Nutrition and Neuroscience. She also has seven-years experience practising naturopathy and nutrition in Sydney.

Naomi specialises in female hormone health and weight loss – what she knows could blow your mind for the better (and slim your waistline too).

Brenda Janschek is a Certified Health Coach. As a popular recipe and wellness blogger  she personally helps families deal with a range of issues – from weight loss, allergies and intolerances; to simply transitioning to a healthy, wholefoods lifestyle. This process has been a massive labour of love over the past four years, because Brenda cares enormously about putting wellness learnings into everyday practise.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this membership each month?
You need to dedicate approximately 90 minutes per month. Which breaks down to around 20 minutes a week. This is totally do-able and your health is totally worth it!

Don’t worry, we will help you along the way if you can’t yet grasp the importance of setting this time aside for YOU.

How is the course delivered/accessed?
That depends on how you choose to receive the content – all in one go, or piece by piece.

Generally speaking, you will be sent one email per week over the four weeks of each monthly module. Each email will contain links to all of the content you will need, including meal plans, webinars and videos for that week. Happy watching.

P.S. We recommend carving out this personal time on the sofa, with a cup of something warm in hand and preferably really daggy PJs on, because…well…you know, just because you can.

How long do we have access to the membership materials and videos?
You have access to the membership site for 13 months from when you join. We threw in the extra month, because we’re nice like that
Are the recipes gluten-free?
Yes sir-ree they are. Gluten grains do not exist in any of the recipes in our membership.
I’m dairy intolerant; can I still do the program?
While some recipes do contain dairy, the focus is definitely not on dairy. All the recipes are based on real, whole foods.

In fact, any dairy recipes can be easily adapted to be dairy-free (just ask us in the private FB group if you are unsure on how to adapt).

Besides, there is an abundance of dairy-free recipes just sitting in your personal portal, saying, ‘Please make meeee…’ So you should be absolutely fine.

Will my family like the recipes?
This is where we may seriously rock your parenting world. Our membership mums overwhelmingly report that everyone in the family enjoys the recipes! Uh-huh, this is revolutionary stuff, we agree.

….And, if your little one still has an issue with any recipe, they are deliberately designed to be readily adapted if needed.

How do I pay for the program?
Easy. You can make payment via Paypal using this
Do the recipes cater for vegetarians?
Absolutely. Naomi and Brenda were vegetarian for over 30 combined years so there are a LOT of vegetarian recipes, but even the meat ones can be easily adapted to vegetarian.

And it goes without saying (oh, go on then, we’ll say it again anyway…) that all of the recipes are based on real, whole foods.

What happens once I sign up to the membership?
Will I have to buy any fancy food or special ingredients?
Like we said, we only use whole foods in our recipes. (Now you’re probably like – ‘seriously stop repeating yourselves – I GET that you only use whole foods…sheesh…’)

Now there may be a couple of ingredients you haven’t used before, like chia seeds, coconut milk or coconut oil, but we’ve made sure all of these are readily available at your local supermarket. That last bit is definitely worth putting in bold, hooray for simplicity.

Because the last thing we (or you) want, is to go dashing off to the health food store to buy ultra-expensive wacky ingredients you’ve never heard of.

Who needs that hassle? Not any of us, that’s for sure.

What if I have food allergies?
We’ll offer any tweaks and additions if you have particular allergies. Just hit us up anytime for this advice once you’re a member.

If you have severe salicylate sensitivities however, we won’t be able to amend the recipes to suit you.

Is the content available straight away or is it time released (drip fed)?
We have four powerful modules up and ready for you to start learning from today. Then – once you are a little more used to our format and approach – you can download stacks of new content and materials to nourish your mind and body over the next 12 months.
Why should I become a member today?
Because you care about you. In this moment right now.

It’s deep yes, but we need to go there if you are going to create positive change in your world. Start new habits right now, and be the change you want to see. Bit by bit. We promise it will happen.

We’ve got your back from this moment on. It’s as simple as that.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?
Obviously we’d love it if all of our members stuck around forever, but if you do decide to cancel you can do this with just two clicks of a mouse (or those touchpad things).

Obviously we’ll be very sad, sigh…. But maybe we can hook up again when the time is right.

On that note, sometimes you may not want to leave, but perhaps the timing just isn’t right for you. You can pause your membership for however long you need to.  You don’t even need to contact us to do it either – you’ll just click a link in your account area to instantly put your membership on hold.

Then, when you’re ready to return, we’ll be waiting like a loyal lapdog. Simple!

I have another question?
Great, we like curious minds. If you still have questions about the Break Through! Membership just email us at:

Questions all done? Okay, here’s one last question for you.
Time for a final (FINAL…FINAL…) reality check.

If you knew in 12 months that you could gain more energy, sleep better, experience better digestion, have less bloating (hoo-bloody-ray), improve skin clarity and smoothness, get leaner, tone your body, and be sexy in a body you love – wouldn’t you want to do it?


This is your opportunity. This good stuff can really happen to YOU.

Get out of the low-energy doldrums (yep, we know how it feels, we’ve all been there) and get into our community of likeminded mums who care about you as much as we do.

Or let’s re-frame that question another way.
If you were your own child, would you be happy with where you sit on life’s pecking order right now? We didn’t think so. So, live the life you deserve, as an example to your kids – for the sake of yourself, and your family.
Now, choose your own adventure…
*Said in caps lock because we kind of are shouting – albeit nicely and lovingly. Think of really excited shouting and you’re getting close.
I deserve this.
Urgh, I am my own worst enemy
…maybe next time.
What women are saying…


I love it all, but for me I love the slower pace of the monthly program, and focusing on one specific area at a time, allowing me to really focus on specific areas of my health. Brenda and Naomi and the community they have created have been amazing and so supportive . Thank you so very much and I would highly recommend Break Through! Memberships for anyone wanting to go deeper in terms of their health.
I loved the ongoing “group” feel and support that was going on with the private membership group. But the singular thing for me would have been the recipes, the additional help that these gave me to navigate my way through a whole new style of eating was invaluable. I could not have got that guidance alone from the documents, videos or macronutrient charts. To see it illustrated in recipes helped me. There are heaps of recipes and with the quantity, I was able to pick and choose my favourites, play around and experiment with them if I needed to. The 12 month duration was perfect, I had a lot to learn, I have gained confidence on many levels of my health.

We believe in what we do, and we have helped thousands of women with their health, so we are confident that you will love The Break Through! Membership

But, for whatever reason you are not satisfied, we want to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee.

After 1 month from purchase, if you don’t feel you got your money’s worth, we will refund your money. Simple as that.

Which means you can can sign up today and receive the entire program, completely RISK-FREE. You just need to email our team at, and we’ll happily refund all of your money.

Sound fair? Come on board – let’s do this!

Join Now for $27 per month or $257 for 12 months
We can’t wait to see you on the inside!